DIY Homemade Dog Food – Save Time and Money

DIY Homemade Dog Food – Save Time and Money

Expert Guide To Making Nutritious, Homemade Dog Food That You And

Your Furbaby Will Love – Vet Approved!

Cook Your Way To a Healthier Dog Diet

Make your dog love mealtime more!

We humans certainly don’t deserve all the fun, our pups do too.

Think about it – how would you feel if you had to eat the same food every meal, every single day of your life?

Asides being so boring, my guess is you’d question if you are getting a nutritionally balanced diet, right?

Well, welcome to a dog’s life.

But then, dog nutrition can be tricky…

How do you ensure your home cooked food meets the nutritional needs of your canine?

That’s where I come in.

I have created a 14 paged guide packed with essential details about your fur baby’s health and irresistible recipes.

Included in the guide

  • Recipes
  • Vet approved, printable “Can and Can’t Eat” chart
  • Printable “important numbers” form for sitters and family members

And much more…

There’s also medical power of attorney in case you and your pet get separated for sitters and walkers, or if you become hospitalized (possibly with Covid-19,) prepared by a licensed attorney and a Tips for success sheet.

This is perfect in these uncertain times; you can save time prepping right along with your own meals. Plus, it helps you save lots of money over larger commercial fresh pet food delivery.

Want a shinier and happier dog with increased energy? This guide is your one-way ticket. Get your copy now!









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