Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!


Halloween as Big Business

Halloween is right around the corner and it seems like every store shelf is filled with orange and black displays, huge selections of costumes from bloody rubber masks to the every Disney princess imaginable.  You can find almost all the living Presidents – but beware! Some of those guys are pretty scary!  Americans shell out BIG BUCKS for Halloween:

The cost of candy, costumes, and decorations expected to total $6.9 BILLION because the average American each spends $74 to join in the fun.

Foggy Witches Brew for Halloween.
Witches Brew for Halloween. Any colored drink is immediately more memorable when it is scary (and IMPRESSIVE) fog.

If you think Halloween is just for kids, think again! Adult costumes abound and the consumer with the credit card is likely to spend more on their own costumes than the kids.

Furthermore, If you discuss the Halloween with anyone over 40, often you hear, “That’s not how we used to do it….” Kids don’t roam around the neighborhood gathering candy in an old  pillow case.

Finally, In a world with safety concerns, having a Halloween Party at home is becoming more common and can be lots more FUN.


Juice boxes are wrapped in masking tape with googly eyes to look like cute mummies
Juice boxes are transformed with wrapped in masking tape and finished with two stick on “googly eyes” are great fun – and safely sealed for Trick or Treat

Fun Halloween Food

Some great ideas for the Halloween treats are:

WITCHES BREW: Any drink is transformed into Witches Brew, even those adult ones with alcohol. Use any drink mix, add food coloring if desired, and at the last minute add small pieces of dry ice. It will bubble and smoke, delighting all ages. If a larger punch bowl is used, use larger pieces of ice.

NUTTY GHOSTS: The distinctive shape of peanut butter cookies instinctively screams, “GHOSTS!” Melt white candy bark in the microwave, dip cookies, add mini chocolate chips for eyes.

CANDY PUMPKINS: Use orange candy melts (Wilton) and dip chocolate sandwich cookies. Add a small pretzel stem. Using green frosting or gel in a tube, pipe on leaves.

food for Halloween

SEVERED FINGERS: Slice an individual serving of string cheese at an angle. With a sharp knife, make shallow cuts for skin folds at knuckles. Use just a dab of cream cheese to attach slivered almonds as the fingernail. Using a toothpick, add a little red cake gel around the edges of the almond slice as “blood.”

MUMMY JUICE BOXES: Use everyday masking tape to wrap juice boxes. Pick up stick-on googly eyes at the craft store cute little mummies.

Even the Spider Serving Plates are super simple and easy to make with a gold paint pen and a black charger plate from the dollar store!

Other cool additions to a great halloween spread

Spider Web Pizza https://www.whatmommydoes.com/kid-friendly-halloween-food-spider-web-pizza/

Candy Corn Bark https://www.tammileetips.com/candy-corn-bark-recipe-perfect-for-halloween/

Chocolate Spider Web Apples http://www.fabfood4all.co.uk/halloween-chocolate-apples/

Witch Hats – Edible Treat Boxes http://blommi.com/surprise-inside-halloween-witch-hats-edible-treat-boxes/



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  • Great tips for making new practices into traditions. I see nothing wrong with opting for parties instead of trick or treating. Maybe it’s because I grew up in Ohio, but I can do without walking around cold and wet!

  • I may have to use that Witches Brew idea for an upcoming halloween party! I love the fun colors and the smoke on top! Halloween is such a versatile holiday and there’s so much that you can do for one party. Great post!

  • I cannot understand how people spend so much money on Halloween! There are so many easy DIY ideas like these that take minutes to create. All of these ideas are so cute , I especially like those cute little witch hats!

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